Replacement Syntans % Solid pH TDS
Syntan PM

General purpose replacement Syntan for “Phenol & Formaldehyde free” leathers

97 3.5
Syntan PM-N

Replacement Syntan with enhanced filling and body for “Phenol & Formaldehyde free” leather

97 3.5
Syntan PMX

Lightfast replacement Syntan for white or pastel, “Phenol & Formaldehyde free” leathers

97 3.5
Syntan NX

Soft, Lightfast replacement Syntan for brilliance in dyeing, medium fullness and even milling.

97 4.0
Multi-Functional Syntans % Solid pH TDS
Tanone SPX

Innovative Di-Sulphone lightfast replacement Syntan having grain tightening properties for clean white leathers (wet-white), with excellent fullness & spring.

95 3.0
Tanone EB-L

Liquid Di-Sulphone lightfast replacement syntan having grain tightening properties for clean white leathers (wet-blue & wet-white), with excellent fullness & spring.

40 5.0
Tanone H-MK

Multifunctional lightfast syntan based on Di-Sulphone, protein and polymeric filling agents for strong filling of loose areas. Leathers retain a tight and fine grain without becoming hard.’

95 6.5
Tanone HS

Di-Sulphone & Carbolic tannins blended with grain tightening resins for exceptional softness and fullness. Ideal as self-tanning agent for “chrome-free” leathers.

97 3.5
SMA-Tan 22

Grain tightening Styrene-Maleic Resin for loose and empty structures. Keeps grain soft and elastic, makes leather bouncy. Ideal for milled an soft leathers.

18 9.0
Vegetable Tannage-Functional Blends % Solid pH TDS
Vegatan H-EM

Versatile compact blend of vegetable extracts, acrylic resins and Carbolic condensates. Imparts tight grain, mellowness, fullness, buffability and dye brilliance.

95 4.5
Vegatan SI

Alternative to vegetable tannin for chrome tanned or “chrome-free” leathers. Less sensitive to iron spots, perfect filling, fine and firm grain, heat & lightfast.

95 3.0
Filling Protein Syntans % Solid pH TDS
Syntan T

Di-cyan Di-amide filling syntan for retanning chrome leather. It fills loose areas, tightens grain, improves feel, levels dyeing and permits good buffing and embossing.

97 9.5
Syntan R-MF

Lightfast Melaminic filling syntan for improved fullness and good dyeing.

97 7.5
Syntan PR

Protein filler that directly attaches to empty parts, tightens, does not bleach.

97 8.5
Syntan ZFM

Melamine-aliphatic polyaldehyde condensate, adds “Zero Formaldehyde” to leather. Permits fuller handle and tighter grain as compared to conventional melamine resins.

95 7.5
Penetrating Bleaching Pre-Tanning Syntans % Solid pH TDS
Syntan S/PT

Syntan for deep penetration, improved buffing in suedes, exceptional nap & brilliant dyeing.

97 7.5
Syntan BL

Bleaching syntan for vegetable tanned or retanned leather to paler colours.

97 1.5
Syntan VT

Pre-tanning & bleaching auxiliary for increasing efficiency / uptake of vegetable tannage.

93 3.5
Dispersing Neutralising Syntans % Solid pH TDS
Syntan OM

Highly dispersing, neutral syntan for dye penetration and efficient tannin uptake.

97 7.5
Syntan PRS

Lightfast dispeersing syntan, imparts deeper shades, does not overload grain.

97 7.0
Syntan NT

Neutralizing agent, levels out dyeing and fatliquoring, avoids chrome precipitation.

98 8.25
Acrylic Retanning Emulsions % Solid pH TDS
Tan-Cryl HF

Lightfast, polymeric retanning agent which can be used at wide range of pH, suitable for wet white too

35 4.5
Retan 300

Polymeric lubricating cum retanning agent (oil & silicon free) for light weight, lightfast hydrophobic leathers that are fluffy.

36 8.0
Retan 38

Lightfast, acrylic polymer for retanning. Fills leather without impairing grain, levels dyeing.

38 7.0
Retan OR

Colloidal acrylic syntan to plump specific loose areas. Highly lightfast, improves thermal stability.

37 3.0
Retan EML

Vinyl Co-polymer emulsion for reducing stretchiness of fibres & looseness, makes leather firmer.

36 5.0
Extra Soft & Light Weight Fatliquors % Solid pH TDS
Neophol U 60

Fatliquor for outstanding softness, mellow & nourished feel for garments and soft uppers. Lightfast sulphited synthetic + natural sulfated compounds.

55 7.0
Nouvol S 49

Fatliquoring agent for upholstery, very soft clothing and boot nappa leathers requireing high heat/light rresistance. Based on neutral odour synthetic oils, softners + emulsifiers.

65 7.0
Neophol CX

Phospho-Polymeric softening fatliquor for cloth like, light weight handle.

65 7.0
Neophol S 66

Fibre relaxing polymeric softening agents for flat grained leathers.

38 7.5
Nouvol SR

Phospho-Polymer, main fatliquor for very soft leathers, penetrates deep for excellent softness, fluffy handle and pleasant touch. Crusts are odourless, whiter and light/heat resistant.

55 7.0
Uphol PFK

Lubricating polymers for tight smooth grain, improved fullness, spring and level dyeing. Excellent stability in electrolyte, fully lightfast and prevents heat yellowing.

55 7.0
Nouvol LS 55

Lecithin fatliquor for very soft articles requiring fullness & crushable handle.

52 8.0
Neophol L 72

Polymeric softening agent for soft, airy fullness and washability.

48 7.5
Nouvol SV

Inverse emulsion of water in oil for soft and damp touch.

52 7.0
Nouvol PK

Multifunctional, highly dispersing phosphoric ester with great penetration and crosslinking to fibre. Produces leathers having a very soft touch with light handle.

52 7.5
Neophol HMK

Fibre relaxing polymeric softening agents for flat grained leathers.Penetrates  deep for excellent softness.

40 7.5
Uphol MX

Softening fatliquor for extremely deep softness, stretch-ability and roundness for gloving, upholstery. Imparts inner softness, sophisticated feel & team strength.

50 7.0
Conventional Fatliquors % Solid pH TDS
Maradol C

Deodorised sulphited marine oil for full & soft leathers with warm handle.

60 8.5
Luber® G 60

Multipurpose sulphited sperm oil substitute fatliquor. Used as main fat. or in combination.

60 8.5
Luber® NF

Sulphonated neatsfoot oil substitute for very full and tight grained upper and suedes.

60 7.5
Uphol 9R

Deodorised Bisulfited fish oil + Synthetic tri-ester blend for softness, fullness & tight grain.

60 8.5
Luber® SN

Fully synthetic fatliquor, electrolyte stable, lightfast, for tight grain & full handle.

65 7.5
Luber® SAS

Compact fatliquor for high softness, fullness, wet & waxy feel.

65 7.5
Neophol S 66 R

Compact fatliquor with synergy of concentrated polymeric softeners and phosphated ester.

38 7.5
Lubotop AM

Emulsified blend of stable / lightfast free-oils. Penetrates deep for level grain & dyeing.

50 6.0
Glovol HSN

General puspose fatliquor – phosphated & synthetic blend for deep softness, damp / waxy feel.

50 7.5
Glovol AS 29

Universal synthetic fatliquor tobe used as anionic combination component.

50 7.0
Waterproofing Fatliquors % Solid pH TDS
Repallon ESW

Water-repelling phospho-esters for soft/silky touch. Prevents white spots. Improves tear.

60 7.0
Repallon SRW

Siliconic additive to enhance water repellence.

99 -
Repallon EX

Polymeric (silicone free) waterproofing fatliquor for higher Bally and Maeser values.

60 7.0
Automotive Fatliquors % Solid pH TDS
Uphol LF 60

Low fogging sulphited Oleo-Esters. Excellent heat-light fastness, softness and grain tightness.

60 8.5
Uphol UF-SR

Low fogging polymeric sulpho-esters. High penetration for softness & fluffy handle. Excellent heat-light fastness.

45 7.0
Emulsifiers - Degreasers - Cationic Fats % Solid pH TDS
Bio-Surf 1000

100% bio-degradable, non-ionic wetting & dispersion agent based on vegetable feedstock.

50 7.5
Sintol ALX

Dispersing agent with excellent penetration for chrome tanning salts, syntans and dyes.

50 8.0
Degresol UF 100

Highly concentrated, high efficiency degreasing agent or sheep skins, pigs and goat skins.

70 8.0
Degresol UF 60

General purpose degreasing auxiliary for the leather and fur industry.

45 8.0
Catanol DW

Cationic fatliquor used as handle modifier at the end of process. Prevents dry grain.

50 4.5
Acrylic Resins & Binders % Solid pH TDS
Acril-m Y 62

Impregnation resin, medium soft, highly versatile, for corrected grain shoe upper.

30 6.5
Acril-m Y 26

Very soft Impregnation resin for full grain leather.

20 8.0
Acril-m Y 93

High solid impregnation resin, medium hard, universal application for corrected grain leather.

38 7.0
Acril-m M 701

Micro binder, soft, self crosslinking for highly natural look, and good cold crack resistance.

20 8.0
Acril-m S 6072

Soft binder for naked look – minimal loading.

36 5.0
Acril-m S 55

Very soft binder for excellent feel and good elongation properties.

34 6.0
Acril-m S 8/1

General purpose soft binder, highly versatile for excellent adhesion and anchorage.

35 6.0
Acril-m S 60

High solid soft binder, thermo-crosslinkable for buffed leathers.

48 6.5
Acril-m S 6755

Medium soft binder for good filling, adhesion and dry/wetrubfastness.

36 7.0
Acril-m X 858

Medium soft binder, self crosslinkable for goo cold crack, high water & solvent resistance.

35 9.5
Acril-m X 01

Medium soft transparent binder for high flex endurance and water resistance.

34 8.0
Acril-m X 79/60

Main binder, medium soft & flexible, good cold crack resistance, for heavily corrected leather.

36 5.0
Acril-m KT 35

Soft cationic binder – can partly replace cationic polyurethane binder.

35 2.5
Resina 60

Thickening acrylic for roller / curtain coating of base coat finishes.

29 3.0
Tuf-Cryl VSF

Extremely soft acrylic binder of low tack and glossy, transparent finish

40 5.0
Tuf-Cryl DX

Soft acrylic binder designed for high cold crack resistance

40 6.0
Polyurethane Binders % Solid pH TDS
Urez 891

Aliphatic PU binder, medium soft, high solid, used as main binder for intercoat adhesion.

35 7.5
Urez 268

Aliphatic PU binder, economical, medium hard, good milling properties.

30 7.5
Urez 898

Aliphatic PU binder with pleasant waxy touch.

30 8.0
Urez 894

Aliphatic PU, used as main binder with tough, elastic & high endurance film.

30 8.0
Urez 591

Aliphatic PU binder, general purpose – medium soft.

12 7.5
Urez 899

Aromatic PU binder having very soft film with excellent intercoat adhesion.

18 7.5

Very soft cationic, aliphatic PU binder.

23 6.0

Soft cationic, aliphatic PU binder.

20 5.5
Polyurethane Top Coats % Solid pH TDS
Utop 161

High solid, high gloss aliphatic PU top coat.

32 8.0
Urez 785 G

Aliphatic PU top coat – glossy.

25 8.0
Urez 785 M

Aliphatic PU top coat – matt.

21 9.0
Utop Matt

Aliphatic PU top coat – matt – having smooth feel with anti scratch additives.

17 9.0
Regella Top M1

Matt PU top coat, natural touch, and a uniform well levelled matting without greying for high end upholstery / bag leathers.

18 9.0
Protein Binders % Solid pH TDS
Protop 18

Fairly plasticised Protein Binder, used as main binder for glazed and polished finish.

15 8.5
Protop SP

Polyamide based, plasticised Protein Binder for higher fastness and flexibility.

18 8.5
Glaze Top N

Medium soft Protein Binder with wax and feel modifier for silky touch and gloss.

13 8.5
Glaze Top EC

Medium soft Protein Binder with special waxes and anti sinking agents.

12 8.5
Glaze Top LM 58

Hard Protein Binder for use as final top coat.

10 8.5
GlazEx 72

Waxy polishable Protein Binder for soft and silky feel.

13 8.5
Brillento 91 KT

Cationic Protein Binder, medium hard, improves polishability of pre-grounds.

6 3.0
Compacts - Pu And Acrylics % Solid pH TDS
Compact 15

Medium soft Compact containing highly versatile acrylics, waxes and modifiers.

24 9.0
Compact 24

Dull compact with good hiding power and rub resistance.

30 9.0
Uphin 100

PU compact with excellent cold crack properties. Forms flexible film having very soft feel.

23 9.0
Uphin 21 WX

Soft compact binder having high cold crack resistance, suitable for nappa. soft leathers

25 8.5
Lacquers - Aqueous & Solvent % Solid pH TDS
Haquatop 328

Highly concentrated, high fastness, high gloss water dilutable top coat.

26 7.0
Hicalac W 309

NC top coat, aqueous, non loading, low gloss, warm waxy feel for high end nappas and softy.

12 8.5
Hicalac 316

Medium gloss lacquer emulsion for top or intermediate coat.

17 8.5
Hicalac 312

Medium gloss, general purpose lacquer emulsion.

12 8.5
Hicalac Matt

Dull lacquer emulsion with a pleasant feel.

16 8.0
Aquasol W 100

Self emulsifiable lacquer top coat – water and solvent dilutable.

28 7.0
Top 46®

Highly concentrated, solvent dilutable, high gloss top coat.

42 -
Matt Top®

Solvent dilutable matt top finish with a feel modifier for smooth handle.

12 -
Clear Top

Collodian free (NC free), CAB based clear, non-pigmented top coat – solvent dilutatble.

15 -
White Top

Collodian free (NC free), CAB based white pigmented top coat – solvent dilutable.

23 -
Finilac -CLF

Collodion-free (nitro-free) aqueous lacquer emulsion of cellulose ester, having medium gloss.

15 8.0
Fillers & Waxes % Solid pH TDS
Wax 16/S

Wax dispersion with Protein & Silicones – reduces tack and imparts soft and pleasant touch.

15 9.0
Neowax ST

Non-ionic wax emulsion for full and smooth feel and strong masking action.

8 8.5
Filler 50

Wax emulsion based on soft waxes for improving touch and masking defects.

7.5 9.5
Filler 12/61

Colloidal filler (free from waxes) for filling heavy defects, snuffed leather and splits.

22 7.5
Celina P 73

Polish wax for full grain aniline leathers – ground coat for glossy aniline.

22 8.5
Celina P 31

Wax emulsion for Burnishing effect – blend of natural and synthetic waxes.

22 8.5
Celina BW

Burnishing wax emulsion – Carnuba wax based.

30 7.0
Filler KT

Mildly Cationic waxy filler and feel modifier (binder free), for polishing pre-ground.

20 6.0
Touch Modifiers - Aqueous & Solvent % Solid pH TDS
Sensallon W

Waxy feel modifier, water dilutable, for soft feel, natural look on high end garment/bag leathers.

36 8.0
Finish M 45

Non-ionic Slip Agent / modifier – water dilutable. Also suitable for cationic finishing system.

16 7.5
Finish M 15

General purpose emulsified Siliconic modifier – water dilutable.

7 7.0
Modifier CA/2

Cationic modifier with waxy feel – water dilutable. Also suitable for cationic finishing system

9 7.5
Celina 34 KT

Cationic feel modifier with anti static properties – water dilutable. Recommended for PUDs.

12 6.5
Modifier WS

Water based touch modifier for greasy / buttery feel.

38 9.0
Touchlon S 55

Solvent dilutable Slip Agent based on Amino Silicones.

11 -
Modifier 32

Amino Silicon, solvent based Slip Agent.

12 -
Correction Agents For Defects % Solid pH TDS
Primer PFR

Soft primer for defect coverage, upgradation and feel improvement.

19 9.0
Stuko HKC

Mender Putty for defect coverage. Based on PU binders and Microspheres.

27 9.0
Pull-Up Oils & Auxiliaries % Solid pH TDS
Pullol 411

Pull-up oil with a dry touch in solvent medium.

92 -
Waxol WP

Solvent Pull-up wax blend for dark pull-ups with a warm waxy feel, applied by heated roller.

92 -
Luber® LMC

Solvent dilutable synthetic / natural Pull-up oil blend.

98 -
Pull-up 30

Oily filler for a light Pull-up effect and an oily touch (timberland finish) – water dilutable.

98 -
Pull-up Wax 58

Additive wax for Pull-up or crunch effects. Waxy and smooth feel, enables high temp plating.

30 6.5
Penetrators & Levelling Agents % Solid pH TDS
Luber® 205

General purpose penetrating agent.

5 4.0
Luber® 150

Highly flexible Phosphated penetrating agent for more controlled penetration.

19 9.5
Leveller 168

Surface tension modifier, levelling agent.

8 8.0
Cationic Finishes % Solid pH TDS

Very soft cationic, aliphatic PU binder.

23 6.0

Soft cationic, aliphatic PU binder.

20 5.5
Acril-m KT 35

Soft cationic binder – can partly replace cationic polyurethane binder.

35 2.5
Brillento 91 KT

Cationic Protein Binder, medium hard, improves polishability of pre-grounds.

6 3.0
Filler KT

Mildly Cationic waxy filler and feel modifier (binder free), for polishing pre-ground.

20 6.0
Finish M 45

Non-ionic Slip Agent / modifier – water dilutable. Also suitable for cationic finishing system.

16 7.5
Celina 34 KT

Cationic feel modifier with anti static properties – water dilutable. Recommended for PUDs.

12 6.5
Modifier CA/2

Cationic modifier with waxy feel – water dilutable. Also suitable for cationic finishing system

9 7.5
Black 33 KT

Cationic black pigment dispersion.

30 4.0
Pigments & Dye Solutions % Solid pH TDS
Pigments-`Nano®’ Series

Anionic nanosized (very fine particle size) pigment dispersions – near casein free.

- -
Novolene® Series

Anionic dye solutions – high brilliancy type.

- -
Novolene® `PR’ Series

Premium grade, highly concentrated Dye Solutions. Especially designed for Jetness and Brilliancy.

- -
Speciality Finishes % Solid pH TDS
Leather Finish 235

Medium soft resin finish for leather

35 9.0
Leather Finish 220

PU based resin for leather finishing.

20 8.0
Compact 51

Compact finishing agent for shoe upper leathers.

24 9.0
Finito 36

Anionic top coat finish for leather, provides medium gloss & good rubfastness.

17 8.5
Urez 989

Soft, non tacky finishing agent based on aromatic PU.

18 7.5
Urez 901

Medium soft, aliphatic PU finishing agent for high adhesion of finish.

35 7.5