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Fatliquors % Solid pH TDS
Neophol U 60

Fatliquor for outstanding softness, mellow & nourished feel for garments and soft uppers. Lightfast sulphited synthetic + natural sulfated compounds.

55 7.0
Nouvol S 49

Fatliquoring agent for upholstery, very soft clothing and boot nappa leathers requireing high heat/light rresistance. Based on neutral odour synthetic oils, softners + emulsifiers.

65 7.0
Neophol CX

Phospho-Polymeric softening fatliquor for cloth like, light weight handle.

65 7.0
Neophol S 66

Fibre relaxing polymeric softening agents for flat grained leathers.

38 7.5
Nouvol SR

Phospho-Polymer, main fatliquor for very soft leathers, penetrates deep for excellent softness, fluffy handle and pleasant touch. Crusts are odourless, whiter and light/heat resistant.

55 7.0
Uphol PFK

Lubricating polymers for tight smooth grain, improved fullness, spring and level dyeing. Excellent stability in electrolyte, fully lightfast and prevents heat yellowing.

55 7.0
Nouvol LS 55

Lecithin fatliquor for very soft articles requiring fullness & crushable handle.

52 8.0
Neophol L 72

Polymeric softening agent for soft, airy fullness and washability.

48 7.5
Nouvol SV

Inverse emulsion of water in oil for soft and damp touch.

52 7.0
Nouvol PK

Multifunctional, highly dispersing phosphoric ester with great penetration and crosslinking to fibre. Produces leathers having a very soft touch with light handle.

52 7.5
Maradol C

Deodorised sulphited marine oil for full & soft leathers with warm handle.

60 8.5
Luber® G 60

Multipurpose sulphited sperm oil substitute fatliquor. Used as main fat. or in combination.

60 8.5
Luber® NF

Sulphonated neatsfoot oil substitute for very full and tight grained upper and suedes.

60 7.5
Uphol 9R

Deodorised Bisulfited fish oil + Synthetic tri-ester blend for softness, fullness & tight grain.

60 8.5
Luber® SN

Fully synthetic fatliquor, electrolyte stable, lightfast, for tight grain & full handle.

65 7.5
Luber® SAS

Compact fatliquor for high softness, fullness, wet & waxy feel.

65 7.5
Neophol S 66 R

Compact fatliquor with synergy of concentrated polymeric softeners and phosphated ester.

38 7.5
Lubotop AM

Emulsified blend of stable / lightfast free-oils. Penetrates deep for level grain & dyeing.

50 6.0
Glovol HSN

General puspose fatliquor - phosphated & synthetic blend for deep softness, damp / waxy feel.

50 7.5
Glovol AS 29

Universal synthetic fatliquor tobe used as anionic combination component.

50 7.0
Repallon ESW

Water-repelling phospho-esters for soft/silky touch. Prevents white spots. Improves tear.

60 7.0
Repallon SRW

Siliconic additive to enhance water repellence.

99 -
Repallon EX

Polymeric (silicone free) waterproofing fatliquor for higher Bally and Maeser values.

60 7.0
Uphol LF 60

Low fogging sulphited Oleo-Esters. Excellent heat-light fastness, softness and grain tightness.

60 8.5
Uphol UF-SR

Low fogging polymeric sulpho-esters. High penetration for softness & fluffy handle. Excellent heat-light fastness.

45 7.0
Bio-Surf 1000

100% bio-degradable, non-ionic wetting & dispersion agent based on vegetable feedstock.

50 7.5
Sintol ALX

Dispersing agent with excellent penetration for chrome tanning salts, syntans and dyes.

50 8.0
Degresol UF 100

Highly concentrated, high efficiency degreasing agent or sheep skins, pigs and goat skins.

70 8.0
Degresol UF 60

General purpose degreasing auxiliary for the leather and fur industry.

45 8.0
Catanol DW

Cationic fatliquor used as handle modifier at the end of process. Prevents dry grain.

50 4.5