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Syntans % Solid pH TDS
Syntan PM

General purpose replacement Syntan for "Phenol & Formaldehyde free" leathers

97 3.5
Syntan PM-N

Replacement Syntan with enhanced filling and body for "Phenol & Formaldehyde free" leather

97 3.5
Syntan PMX

Lightfast replacement Syntan for white or pastel, "Phenol & Formaldehyde free" leathers

97 3.5
Syntan NX

Soft, Lightfast replacement Syntan for brilliance in dyeing, medium fullness and even milling.

97 4.0
Tanone SPX

Innovative Di-Sulphone lightfast replacement Syntan having grain tightening properties for clean white leathers (wet-white), with excellent fullness & spring.

95 3.0
Tanone EB-L

Liquid Di-Sulphone lightfast replacement syntan having grain tightening properties for clean white leathers (wet-blue & wet-white), with excellent fullness & spring.

40 5.0
Tanone H-MK

Multifunctional lightfast syntan based on Di-Sulphone, protein and polymeric filling agents for strong filling of loose areas. Leathers retain a tight and fine grain without becoming hard.'

95 6.5
Tanone HS

Di-Sulphone & Carbolic tannins blended with grain tightening resins for exceptional softness and fullness. Ideal as self-tanning agent for "chrome-free" leathers.

97 3.5
SMA-Tan 22

Grain tightening Styrene-Maleic Resin for loose and empty structures. Keeps grain soft and elastic, makes leather bouncy. Ideal for milled an soft leathers.

18 9.0
Vegatan H-EM

Versatile compact blend of vegetable extracts, acrylic resins and Carbolic condensates. Imparts tight grain, mellowness, fullness, buffability and dye brilliance.

95 4.5
Vegatan SI

Alternative to vegetable tannin for chrome tanned or "chrome-free" leathers. Less sensitive to iron spots, perfect filling, fine and firm grain, heat & lightfast.

95 3.0
Syntan T

Di-cyan Di-amide filling syntan for retanning chrome leather. It fills loose areas, tightens grain, improves feel, levels dyeing and permits good buffing and embossing.

97 9.5
Syntan R-MF

Lightfast Melaminic filling syntan for improved fullness and good dyeing.

97 7.5
Syntan PR

Protein filler that directly attaches to empty parts, tightens, does not bleach.

97 8.5
Syntan ZFM

Melamine-aliphatic polyaldehyde condensate, adds "Zero Formaldehyde" to leather. Permits fuller handle and tighter grain as compared to conventional melamine resins.

95 7.5
Syntan S/PT

Syntan for deep penetration, improved buffing in suedes, exceptional nap & brilliant dyeing.

97 7.5
Syntan BL

Bleaching syntan for vegetable tanned or retanned leather to paler colours.

97 1.5
Syntan VT

Pre-tanning & bleaching auxiliary for increasing efficiency / uptake of vegetable tannage.

93 3.5
Syntan OM

Highly dispersing, neutral syntan for dye penetration and efficient tannin uptake.

97 7.5
Syntan PRS

Lightfast dispeersing syntan, imparts deeper shades, does not overload grain.

97 7.0
Syntan NT

Neutralizing agent, levels out dyeing and fatliquoring, avoids chrome precipitation.

98 8.25
Retan 300

Polymeric lubricating cum retanning agent (oil & silicon free) for light weight, lightfast hydrophobic leathers that are fluffy.

36 8.0
Retan 38

Lightfast, acrylic polymer for retanning. Fills leather without impairing grain, levels dyeing.

38 7.0
Retan OR

Colloidal acrylic syntan to plump specific loose areas. Highly lightfast, improves thermal stability.

37 3.0
Retan EML

Vinyl Co-polymer emulsion for reducing stretchiness of fibres & looseness, makes leather firmer.

36 5.0